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Legal Assistants -- Akin Gump

Here's the complete list of individuals employed as legal assistants at the DC office of the law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld as of July 1991, three months before I was terminated. According to Dennis M. Race, Esq. -- the attorney who fired me -- my behavior had been bizarre and my presence was "extremely disruptive" to the firm. I wonder if anybody on this list still remembers me?

Akmentins, William S.

Ashworth, Mary J.

Barney, Allison S.

Baum, Debra S.

Beal, Mary G.

Becherer, Thomas L.

Berkowitz, David D. - I shared office space with Mr. Berkowitz on the 9th floor. Mr. Berkowitz was friendly with another legal assistant in my 9th floor office, J. Robert Tansey.

Brown, Constance M. - Ms. Brown supervised me during much of my tenure at the firm.

Brown, Douglas, E.

Browning, Andrew (Energy File Clerk)

Burger, Robert K. - Mr. Burger was the only legal assistant I had any respect for. He seemed kindly disposed to me, which was a mystery to me. He had been friendly with three college interns employed in my office on the 9th floor during the summer of 1990: Robert Wyman, Ben Greenberg, and Matthew Erskine.

Burns, Jennifer

Carrigan, Ellen M.

Chase, Jill M.

Chisholm, Margaret D.

Chuh, Patricia

Creasy, Glenda C.

Cymbaluk, Jr., Alfred

Dall, Margaret M.

Dawson, Mark H.

Gaydar, Tina A.

Gilbert, Mary Jo

Guillory, Susan S.

Harkness, Katherine A. - I worked with Ms. Harkness in the late summer and fall of 1991. I reported to firm managers that she sexually harassed me. See Freedman v. DC Dept. Human Rights.

I later told Franklin C. Jones, an EEOC investigator, about the incident with Ms. Harkness when I met with Mr. Jones in November 1991. Mr. Jones said that the incident I reported about Katherine Harkness did indeed constitute legally-recognized sexual harassment.

Hood, Christopher B.

Hunt, Charlotte C.

Jacoby, Peter G.

Jones, Sandra A. - I supervised Ms. Jones in 1989 when she worked at the firm as an agency-supplied temporary employee.

Kaup, Shubha

Kiernan, Thomas J.

Killorin, Clare D.

Komnitzky, Ryna

Lambert, Christine

Lutrario, John - I shared office space with Mr. Lutrario on the firm's 9th floor.

McStravick, Sarah A.

Meader, Jennifer A. - I worked with Ms. Meader during my lengthy assignment on the Eastern Airlines case. I sat at the same table as Ms. Meader at the All-Attorneys Dinner at the Westin Hotel in DC on the evening of May 3, 1989.

Milko, James D.

Mills, James

Mottur, Alfred E.

Murphy Elizabeth B. - Ms. Murphy had been hired from the temporary agency "Personnel Pool." She knew me from my employment at Personnel Pool.

Naim, Saira

Neary John D. (Legal Assistant Coordinator)

Nieset, Susan, L. - Ms. Nieset and I shared office space on the 9th floor of the firm.

Noel, David C.

Papa, Stacey A. - Ms. Papa and I shared office space on the 9th floor of the firm.

Perlman, Abigail L.

Pingitore, Eileen F.

Reynolds, Kathi

Robert, Jennifer G.

Schiavo, Cynthia L.

Sierra, Michael L. - Mr. Sierra was J.D. Neary's roommate for a time.

Sinnitt, Jennifer M. - sister of Maggie Sinnott

Sinnott, Maggie (Legal Assistant Administrator)

Spates, Beatrice M.

Stanford, Marcia A. (Energy Consultant)

Tansey J. Robert -- Mr. Tansey shared office space with me on the 9th floor of the firm. He was friendly with David Berkowitz.

Wheeler, III, F. Robert - Mr. Wheeler had a law degree and had previously practiced law. He was a graduate of Hamilton College. He was originally hired as an agency-supplied temporary employee to perform the menial task of tape-recording telephone messages disseminated by Eastern Airlines Pilots, so-called "Code-A-Phones." Mr. Wheeler was later hired by the firm to practice law. The firm's decision to hire an attorney from the legal assistant program was odd.

White, Kristen M.

Wilson, Anne D.


Gary Freedman said...

My thoughts go back 19 years, to the year 1990, when I worked at the Washington, DC office of the Dallas-based law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld. And, yes, those were the happiest times of my life, working for my mentor, Bob Strauss.

During the summer of 1990 the firm hired three temporary employees. They were college students: Ben Greenberg (University of Pennsylvania); Robert Wyman (Brown University); and Matthew Erskine (University of Virginia). Greenberg, Wyman, and Erskine were three fine lads; at least, that's how Arlen Specter would characterize them. Bob Wyman was a friend of Matthew Hoffman, son of the Supreme Leader, Larry "The Hoff" Hoffman.

Of three of them, I thought that Greenberg had the best head on his shoulders. I think he was originally from Miami. I wouldn't say he was necessarily smarter than Wyman or Erskine, at least not in an academic sense, but he struck me as "clear headed and shrewd" (which is how Freud described Ernst Lanzer, a lawyer, who was one of Freud's most famous patients.)

He seemed less assimilated than Wyman, but now I'm exposing my prejudices. Yes, I have concerns about the intelligence of assimilated Jews. J.D. Neary and Maggie Sinnott took Erskine to lunch one afternoon to make him an offer of a permanent job. Of course, they would pick the non-Jew! Haha. That just exposes my rift with the upper echalons of the Party. I would have made an offer to Greenberg. But then, I'm not a fan of goose-stepping.

Gary Freedman said...

Information in this post is drawn from a document prepared by Akin Gump that was not designated confidential by the firm.

My supervisor Chris Robertson reviewed all the materials I took from the firm at the time of my termination that took place in the office of firm partner Dennis M. Race, Esq., in his presence, on October 29, 1991.