Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty Work Afoot!

In September 1989 I spoke with a counselor (Kathleen Kelley) at my Employee Assistance Program Provider, Sheppard Pratt. I told Kathleen Kelley that I thought I was a victim of job harassment at the law firm where I worked, and cited the statement of a coworker (Stacey Schaar) who said to me in August 1989: "We're all afraid of you. We're all afraid you're going to buy a gun, bring it in and shoot everybody!"

Well, darned if my file at Sheppard Pratt isn't a little strange. Kathleen Kelley denies that anybody ever said I was a homicidal maniac. Rather she recorded in my file that I had "paranoid delusions" about my coworkers. Call me paranoid, but I wonder if Sheppard Pratt was in cahoots with my employer -- a law firm managed by Vernon Jordan -- to thwart me from filing a job harassment lawsuit against the firm.

You'll notice that Kathleen Kelley says that I am a "brilliant man." Funny thing, the psychiatrist who assessed me at the George Washington University Medical Center in September 1992, Napoleon Cuenco, MD, wrote in his chart: "Intelligence average. Insight poor."


So many peculiarities!

Sheppard Pratt Employee Assistance Programs
P.O. Box 6815, Baltimore, MD 21285-6815


Date: 9/14/89
Counselor: K. Kelley
Case No. 470009890064

Client is extremely bright (brilliant) man in his mid-thirties who is a law school graduate & also has a master of laws yet is working as a legal assistant coding documents. He described his false self & how others refuse to allow his true self to be expressed; others see him as violent & crazy. He has no relationships, lives a completely isolated life. He desperately wants connections yet is terrified of it. He requested that I read his autobiography - "The Caliban Complex - An Attempt at Self-Analysis." He was open to the idea of exploring a therapeutic relationship. A second session is scheduled for September 20.


Client entered therapy in his early 20's for a period of 2 1/2 years. First therapy was with a psychoanalytically oriented psychiatrist who was "passive & [illegible]" & a second therapy with a psychiatrist who was aggressive & confrontive. He attempted suicide during this time. Client has paranoid delusions of his co-workers suggesting he is homicidal & planning to shoot them. Internal & unexpressed rage is projected. Shared his self-analysis "The Caliban Complex".


Stephen Stein
Floyd Galler
Susannah Lynch


Gary Freedman said...

In August 1989, while I worked at the DC law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, a coworker, Stacey Schaar, said to me: "We're all afraid of you. We're all afraid you're going to buy a gun, bring it in, and shoot everybody." Personally, I think she was motivated by jealousy. Stacey and I were both temporary employees. In August 1989 the firm granted me a full-time position with benefits; Stacey remained a temp. She was oddly desperate to get a job with the firm. During the summer of 1989, Stacey had flown down to the firm's main office in Dallas, Texas to interview for a paralegal position in the Dallas office. Yes, let me repeat -- she flew from Washington, DC to Dallas to interview for a paralegal position in the firm's Dallas office! A tad askew, to say the least! At the time, I remember saying to a coworker, "it's Pee Wee's big adventure."

Be that as it may.

In September 1989 I made an appointment to see a counselor at the firm's Employee Assistance Provider, Sheppard Pratt in DC. The counselor was a social worker named Kathleen Kelley, a graduate of Catholic University. I told Kathleen Kelley that I was having problems with my coworkers. I reported the statement made by Stacey Schaar that coworkers feared that I might be a homicidal maniac.

In July 1993, after I had been fired from my job at Akin Gump, I went back to Shepperd Pratt to find out what was in my file. Oddly enough, Kathleen Kelley, the social worker I had met with in September 1989, had written up my factual report about Stacey Schaar as if it were a paranoid delusion on my part. According to Sheppard Pratt, I was a delusional employee who imagined that coworkers were afraid I might be a homicidal maniac. That's a tad askew, don't you think? Do you think Sheppard Pratt was in cahoots with Akin Gump to thwart me from filing a harassment lawsuit against the firm? Who knows?

Sheppard Pratt Employee Asistance Programs
P.O. Box 6815, Baltimore, MD 21285-6815


CASE NO: 470009890064

Date: 9/13/89

Counselor Notes:

Client described what appear to be paranoid delusions. Co-workers make comments to trivialize his sense of importance, to insinuate he is insane and to suggest he is potentially violent & may appear at work with a gun & shoot them. He reports he does not have this intention & does not have a gun.

Wants a referral for therapy.

Schizoid features -- no relationships

Gary Freedman said...


Note that Susannah Lynch was a social worker who could not prescribe medication.

Stephen Stein was a Ph.D. psychologist who could not prescribe medication.

The late Floyd Galler, M.D. was a graduate of Harvard Medical School.