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U.S. Secret Service -- Letter 7/23/98

July 23, 1998
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Phillip C. Leadroot, S.A.
U.S. Secret Service
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

I submit the names of two additional persons who may have received, via the law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, my former employer, documents that I prepared and submitted to the George Washington University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry. Since the circumstantial evidence is consistent with these individuals having received the documents directly from Robert S. Strauss, Esq. (an Akin Gump partner), and since these individuals hold high and prominent positions in the business world, it is pointless for me to contact them directly.

These individuals are Lew R. Wasserman, former chairman of MCA (Music Corporation of America), an Akin Gump client, and Edgar Bronfman, Sr., President of the World Jewish Congress and chairman of the Seagram Corporation, a distilling firm.


911 North Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

former chairman MCA, a company whose holdings include film, recording and publishing interests; at the time I was employed at Akin Gump, MCA was one of the firm's clients

Democratic Party fund-raiser; he was a close friend of former President Lyndon B. Johnson; former President Jimmy Carter attempted to persuade Wasserman to become secretary of the Commerce Department

Active in various arts organizations

Member, Board of Directors of the Seagram Company, a distillery.

Robert S. Strauss, Esq. arranged the sale of MCA to Japan's Matsushita Corporation in November 1990, for which Strauss reportedly received an $8,000,000 fee

David Geffen (film and record executive) sold his record label to MCA in March 1990; Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg are the founding partners of Dreamworks SKG, a movie company that produced the recent movie Amistad

Akin Gump partner Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. has numerous contacts in the entertainment field, including movie producers

Steven Spielberg, who is Jewish and the director of the movie Schindler's List, heads a Holocaust project the purpose of which is to serve as a repository of holocaust-related materials including interviews of survivors; Spielberg's former wife Amy Irving, an actress, resides at 11693 San Vicente Boulevard, #335, Los Angeles, CA 90049


375 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10152

President, World Jewish Congress

As President of the World Jewish Congress, Bronfman has been active in attempting to uncover Jewish assets held by Swiss Banks.

One of my former law professors at American University Law School, Seymour J. Rubin, Esq., has, throughout his career, been involved in the issue of Jewish assets held by Swiss banks. See Clines, F. X. "Wartime Envoy on Nazi Gold Bristles at Hindsight." The New York Times, Sunday, May 25, 1997 at page A3. Rubin was appointed in 1946 by the Truman Administration as deputy negotiator of an accord with Switzerland concerning the disposition of its gold reserves. Rubin has in the past represented Jewish organizations in the Nazi gold issue; I do not know what contacts, if any, Rubin has had with either Bronfman or the World Jewish Congress.

Whitewater Independent Counsel, Kenneth W. Starr, Esq. is a trustee of The American University, and is, therefore, a fiduciary of the institution that employs Rubin

Bronfman is also the chairman of the Seagram Corporation, which has acquired MCA (see Lew Wasserman, above)

Bronfman recently published his autobiography


Gary Freedman

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