Saturday, April 17, 2010

U.S. Marshal Service -- Use of "The Interview" for Intimidation

Threat by US Marshals Service – Attempt to Muzzle US Human Rights Report to the United Nations for Upcoming Review

Los Angeles, April 7, 2010 – Dr Joseph Zernik, founder of Human Rights Alert, a Los Angeles–based NGO, who has been actively producing a Human Rights report for the 2010 review of the United States by the United Nations, was requested to appear for an “interview” by the US Marshal Service at the “earliest convenience."  The request was related to notices filed by Dr. Zernik with Chief Judge Audrey Collins, of US District Court, Los Angeles, to reliably inform her regarding alleged fraud in court records and procedures related to (a) the falsely hospitalized Richard Fine,  and (b) individuals involved in litigations against financial institutions. The request for “interview” by the US Marshal Service was perceived as an unveiled threat against Dr Zernik’s conduct in exposing corruption of the courts and the justice system, in noticing those responsible, and in asking for responses – for incorporation in his report, and for corrective actions, pursuant to the Code of Conduct of US Judges.

I think I'm going to tell my psychiatrist that I have been intimidated by the U.S. Marshal Service to silence my exposure of government corruption on my blog.  That allegation should be good for another $50,000 in disability benefits!  I'm sure the Justice Department will say, "He's crazy!"

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