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The Joys of Racketeering: On Cash Cows and Asymptomatic Paranoid Schizophrenics

September 22, 1999
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Nancy Shaffer, Ph.D.
Community Mental Health Center
Washington, DC 20007
tel: (202) 228-2229

Dear Dr. Shaffer:

I submit a copy of a personality profile of myself that I prepared; the document is complete except for one subsection.

The document reviews my psychological development and dynamics, and incorporates selected issues disclosed by comprehensive psychological testing performed by GW in 1994. The document is based largely on the literature. While there may be a question about whether all of the highlighted issues accurately represent my personality, the document is, nonetheless, a rational and internally-consistent picture of an individual.

I believe the document raises substantial questions about whether supportive psychotherapy with a Ph.D. psychologist can have any value for me. Dr. Taub has in the past refused to assist me in locating appropriate alternative care.

The Commission on Mental Health Services is currently billing Medicare about $9600 per year: 5 monthly consultations @$150 + $50 professional fees. I believe it is problematic for Dr. Taub, a physician, to permit this to go on indefinitely if a reasoned consideration of my personality difficulties, based on objective criteria, indicates that I might derive more benefit from mental health services outside the Commission.

By the time I reach age 65, the Commission will have billed Medicare about $201,600 for professional services. Some might ask whether the Commission is not simply using the Medicare system as a cash cow. Of course, my personality difficulties are quite severe. We know that because Dr. Taub has diagnosed me as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

I am taking the liberty of forwarding this document to David Fram, M.D., an officer of the Washington Psychiatric Society, the local branch office of the American Psychiatric Association. Perhaps Dr. Fram would consent to review this matter with Dr. Taub.


Gary Freedman

cc: David Fram, M.D., Washington Psychiatric Society

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