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U.S. Secret Service -- Letter 1/15/98

January 15, 1998
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Philip C. Leadroot, S.A.
U.S. Secret Service
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

The following three individuals may be able to provide information concerning my reported disposition to commit an act of violence.

During the summer of 1990, during my tenure at Akin Gump, I was assigned to office space on the ninth floor of the firm together with three individuals classified as "summer research assistants." The individuals were college students. According to Akin Gump, my disposition to violence, including my tendency to engage in disruptive outbursts, was known to my direct supervisor Christine Robertson at least as of March 1990.

The following three individuals, with whom I shared office space during the summer of 1990, will be able to corroborate the sworn statements of Akin Gump managers concerning the reported fears of persons who worked in my immediate environment: fears that existed as of at least March 1990.

1. Ben Greenberg. I believe Mr. Greenberg attended the University of Pennsylvania, and was originally from Miami, Florida. He did impressions.

2. Robert Wyman. Mr. Wyman was scheduled to graduate from Brown University in the spring of 1991. He stated an interest in becoming a teacher. He was a close friend of Matthew Hoffman, (son of managing partner Laurence J. Hoffman), who also attended Brown. I believe Mr. Wyman's father was a lawyer, and that his father suffered from cancer at that time. Information about my violent outbursts may have come to the attention of managing partner Hoffman via Mr. Wyman. (I was terminated effective October 29, 1991, more than one year later).

3. Matthew Erskine. I previously reported that Mr. Erskine's father was an FBI agent. Additional information is that the legal assistant administrative staff (J.D. Neary and Maggie Sinnott) identified Mr. Erskine as "Akin Gump legal assistant material." I believe that on one occasion during the summer of 1990 Neary and Sinnott took Mr. Erskine to lunch to persuade him to join the firm as a legal assistant upon Mr. Erskine's graduation from the University of Virginia, in the spring of 1991. Information about my violent outbursts may have been reported by Mr. Erskine directly to Sinnott and Neary. (I was terminated effective October 29, 1991, more than one year later).


Gary Freedman

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