Friday, June 15, 2012

SSA Initial Claim -- Fraud by Akin Gump

July 1, 1993
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20008

Fay E. Peterson
Disability Claims Examiner
District of Columbia
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Disability Determination Division
P.O. Box 37608
Washington, DC  20013

RE:  Disability Claim xxx-xx-xxxx

Dear Ms. Peterson:

Enclosed with respect to the above-referenced matter is a communication dated June 30, 1993 sent to me by the D.C. Department of Human Rights and Minority Business Development (DOHR).

The communication advises that the DOHR found no probable cause to believe that my termination by my previous employer, Akin Gump Hauer & Feld, was unlawful and relies for its finding on my former employer's determination that I suffered from a serious mental disorder that rendered me potentially violent.

The communication cites my former employer's communication with a psychiatrist, Dr. Gertrude Ticho (wife of my former supervisor's [Maggie Sinnott] treating psychiatrist, Dr. Ernst Ticho), in which Dr. Ticho stated her medical opinion that I was delusional and potentially violent at the time of my termination on October 29, 1991.


Gary Freedman

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Gary Freedman said...

I filed a claim for SSA benefits on April 20, 1993. SSA approved my claim in August 1993.