Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Anti-Semitism: The Big Homosexual Jewish Media!

The following was lifted off an Internet Chat page: 

Football is a manly man's game, and the only men who are manlier than the ones who play it are the ones who teach it.

Jerry Sandusky is just such a manly man.

He was a football coach at Penn State University for over 20 years, and also the founder of the Second Mile Group, a program for troubled boys. The name was derived from JESUS' sermon on the mount, specifically, Matthew 5:41.

We can see already how the big homosexual Jewish media would want to take this man out, and now they have.

During his time as a coach at PSU and a mentor at Second Mile, Mr. Sandusky was victimized time and again by pubescent operatives of the homosexuality agenda.

These young men forced Jerry Sandusky to make them take showers with him in the locker rooms at Penn State University.

After compelling him to take them to football games, they lured his overbearing, adult body to wrestle their comparatively smaller adolescent bodies on the gym floor, all so that they could make it look like he was sexually abusing them.

Several of these homosexual spies even forced Sandusky's mouth around their pubescent penises.

Now, a Grand Jury has indicted Sandusky for "sex abuse," as well as Tim Curley, who was the athletic director at PSU, and vice president Gary Schultz, for perjury and failing to report the incidents.

Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST, is this the face of a convicted sex pervert?


It is the face of a sports hero and GODly mentor who only wanted to help young men overcome their sinful lifestyles.

Just imagine how atheists will try to spin this story, to make it look like it is unsafe to leave your young children in the hands of well-intentioned Christian ministries that take them away to camps and bunkers where they share in the love of CHRIST with their adult mentors.

Where is the outrage for this travesty of justice?

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