Monday, June 04, 2012

Just Keep Sending Me My Checks!! I Am Truly Insane!!

Dr. Dean Chang
Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute
University of Maryland

Dear Dr. Chang:

Enclosed is my monthly felony fraud certification for June 2012.  There is circumstantial evidence that I am engaged in the commission of a felony against the government of the United States.  There is circumstantial evidence that I have used The George Washington University to help me defraud the government of the United States of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Social Security Disability benefits. 

I request that you counsel your colleague, Craig W. Dye to disclose to the FBI Washington Field Office the content of any communications he has ever had with attorney managers of the law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld concerning me.  Persons Mr. Dye may have communicated with include Malcolm Lassman, Esq. and Earl L. Segal, Esq.  You may contact the Washington Field Office of the FBI at 202 278-2000. 

Mr. Dye and I worked together at the law firm of Hogan Lovells from October 1986 to February 1988 and had numerous social contacts until the year 1993.  See District of Columbia Brief on Appeal  Freedman v. D.C. Department of Human Rights, D.C.C.A. no. 96-CV-961 (Sept. 1, 1998) (
"The other legal assistants also made references to Freedman’s supposed relationship with an attorney with whom Freedman had worked at the law firm of Hogan & Hartson. R. 340.").  The Government of the District of Columbia apparently determined that I had a homosexual affair with Mr. Dye.

Gary Freedman
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apt. 136
Washington, DC  20008
202 362 7064


Gary Freedman said...

Social contacts with Craig W. Dye:

Gary Freedman said...


Craig Dye is not an attorney and there is absolutely nothing in the record on appeal that would in any way suggest that Mr. Dye is an attorney.

It's just one more fiction created by the Corporation Counsel and foisted on the Court.

Gary Freedman said...

I am on vacation from 5/24 - 6/3, inclusive. During that period I will respond to email as soon as I am able. Please be patient if you do not receive an immediate reply.

If during my absence, you need immediate assistance please consult the contact list below.

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Gary Freedman said...

The record on appeal at 340 in fact states:

17. Shortly after I was moved to the sixth floor office space shared with Stacey Schaar and Gwen Lesh, on March 20, 1989, there began repeated references, especially by Ms. Schaar, to my friendship with Craig Dye, with whom I had worked at the law firm of Hogan and Hartson. The references centered on a supposedly homosexual interest I had in Craig. Apparently, some time in March 1989 an Akin Gump employee had had some contact with an employee or employees at Hogan, and information obtained from these communications was used to harass me at Akin Gump. From late March 1989 until my termination on October 29, 1991, the harassing homosexual references to Craig continued interminably. These references were used by various Akin Gump employees, including litigation support administrator Chris Robertson, a supervisory employee.

(A former Hogan attorney Douglas Rosenfeld, who began working at Akin Gump on March 13, 1989, may have served as a conduit of information between the two law firms. Doug Rosenfeld was a friend of a former roommate of Craig’s, named Daniel Cutler, who also worked at Hogan, until about late April 1989. Doug Rosenfeld left Akin Gump in the spring of 1990).

Gary Freedman said...

Dennis Race's sworn interrogatory response states:

"B. Until the filing of this Charge, the subject of Claimant's sexual orientation was never brought up by Claimant or anyone involved directly or indirectly with Claimant's employment. While Claimant raised concerns about sexual and religious harassment, he never stated that it was based on his sexual orientation -- nor was it ever interpreted as such by anyone involved in this matter.

D. Claimant never complained of discrimination treatment based on sexual orientation.

Respondent contends that Claimant was terminated for good cause, nondiscriminatory reasons. Claimant's sexual orientation was not a factor or even known by those involved in any stage of the decision process. Respondent denies any violation of law."

Note how the Corporation Counsel controverts the sworn statement of its own client, Akin Gump. According to the Corporation Counsel there were widespread rumors, at least as of March 1989 (two years before my termination in October 1991), that I was a homosexual who had a homosexual relationship (or supposed homosexual relationship) with Craig Dye.

Dennis Race had flatly denied those assertions in his sworn interrogatory response!!

It's almost as if the Corporation Counsel were saying, "Well, yes, Dennis Race perjured himself, but let's not dwell on that."