Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Chanin Brothers

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Gary Freedman said...

The Chanin brothers (fraternal twins), Howard and Steven, were friends from way back.

We attended the same elementary school (Rowen). I wonder if they were in Miss Perry's kindergarten class with me?

They were in an accelerated program in junior high and completed grades 7 and 8 in one year. Hence, they were a year ahead of me in high school and college.

They graduated the Central High School of Philadelphia in 1970 (229th class). They majored in Psychology at Penn State and graduated in 1974.

We used to eat lunch together in high school (1968-1969) (1969-1970).

They studied German in high school. I remember they carried copies of Der Prozess (The Trial) by Franz Kafka with them.

I think they live in Boulder, Colorado. Why would two Jewish kids from Philadelphia live in Boulder? Where can you get a decent corned beef on rye in Boulder? What is wrong with those people??? And forget about getting any kind of a knish!!!! -- Potato or chicken liver!!!

They were friends with Alan Bedrick in high school. Bedrick is now a medical doctor.