Thursday, June 17, 2010

Social Security Notice of Award -- 1993


Social Security Administration
Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance


Office of Disability and
International Operations
1500 Woodlawn Drive
Baltimore,  Maryland 21241
Date: August 17, 1993
Claim Number: xxx-xx-xxxx xx

APT 136

We are writing to let you know that you are entitled to monthly disability benefits from Social Security beginning April 1992.

The amount of your first check is $831.00

We are paying you beginning August 1993.

-- You will receive $831.00 around September 03, 1993.  This is the money you are due for August 1993.

-- After that, you will receive $831 each month.

We are holding your Social Security benefits for April 1992 through July 1993.  We may have to reduce these benefits if you received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for this period.  We will not reduce your past-due benefits if you did not get SSI benefits of those months.

When we decide how much you are due for this period, we will send you another letter.

The following chart shows your benefit amount(s) before any deductions or rounding.  The amount you actually receive may differ from your full benefit amount.  When we figure how much to pay you, we must deduct certain amounts, such as Medicare premiums and worker's compensation offset.  We must also round down to the nearest dollar.

Beginning Date        Benefit Amount            Reason

April 1992                   $806.80              Entitlement began
December 1992           $831.00             Cost-of-Living adjustment

We have determined that you became disabled on October 29, 1991.  However, before you can receive benefits, you have to be disabled for 5 full calendar months in a row.


Note that according to the SSA my disability began on October 29, 1991, the date I was terminated by my former employer, the D.C. Law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, by reason of severe mental illness.  The date October 29, 1991 is derived from a sworn statement filed by the firm (Dennis M. Race, Esq. and Lawrence J. Hoffman, Esq.) on May 22, 1992 with the D.C. Department of Human Rights in an agency action I filed against the firm in which the firm alleged that it had determined that I had become unemployable by reason of business necessity following a consultation with a psychiatrist (Gertrude R. Ticho, M.D.).


Gary Freedman said...

Nonrecord evidence in Freedman v. D.C. Dept. Human Rights indicating that Akin Gump engaged in fraud:

Gary Freedman said...

My denial that I planned to engage in a homicidal assault, which I submitted to the U.S. Attorney for D.C.