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Connecting the Dots: Diane Sawyer's Machatunim

Hedwig Lachmann

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Hedwig Lachmann (29 August 1865–21 February 1918) was a German
authortranslator and poet.  She translated Oscar Wilde's play Salome
from English into German.  It was that German-language translation that
formed the basis of the libretto to Richard Strauss's opera Salome.


Lachmann was born in StolpPomerania in 1865 and was the daughter
of a Jewish cantor. She spent her childhood in Stolp and a subsequent
seven years in Hürben (Swabia). At the age of 15, she passed exams in
Augsburg to become a language teacher. Two years later she became a
governess in England.

From 1899 until 1917 she belonged to both Friedrichshagener and
Pankower poetry societies.

She met her future husbandGustav Landauer, in 1899 at Richard 
Demahls's house.

One of their grandchildren, Mike Nichols, grew up to be a famous
director.  Mike Nichols is married to TV journalist Diane Sawyer.

Lachmann died in Krumbach, Swabia in 1918.


Im Bilde 1902
Collection of Poetry post. 1919
Translations From English:
Oscar Wilde: Salome
Works from Edgar Allan Poe
Works from Rabindranath Tagore
From Hungarian:
Hungarian Poems 1891
Works from Sándor Petőfi
From French:
Works from Honoré de Balzac   

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