Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Akin Gump: Shamelessly Exposing One's Pretext (If You'll Pardon the Expression!)

Malcolm: Hello.

Bob: So?

Malcolm: What?

Bob: Come on. How was your ?

Malcolm: Oh, the FBI interview with Dennis Race.

Bob: Ya how was it?

Malcolm: Interesting. 

Bob: Really.

Malcolm: Oh ya.

Bob: Why what happened?

Malcolm: Let's see, (thinking) how shall I put this.

Bob: Just put it.

Malcolm: He took it out.

Bob: (confused) He what?

Malcolm: He took (blows on her glasses twice to clean them) it out.

Bob: He took what out?

Malcolm: It.

Bob: He took It, Out?

Malcolm: Yessiree, Bob.

Bob: He couldn't.

Malcolm: He did.

Bob: (motions of making out) Well you were involved in some sort of discussion about Freedman's lack of fit

Malcolm: Noooo.

Bob: You mean he just

Malcolm: Yes.

Bob: Are you sure?

Malcolm: Oh quite.

Bob: There was no mistaking it?

Malcolm: (looks straight into his eyes) Bob.

Bob: So you were talking, (Malcolm makes an agreement sound "mmm") you're having pleasant conversation, (Malcolm makes an agreement sound "mmm") then all of sudden...

Malcolm: Yea.

Bob: It.

Malcolm: It.

Bob: Out.

Malcolm: Out.

Bob: Well I, I can't believe this. I know Dennis Race, he, he's a good friend of mine. We played softball together years ago. How could this be?

Malcolm: Oh it be. (sarcastically) You got any other graduates of Fenn College you want to set me up with?

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