Saturday, June 19, 2010

Soccer is So Gay!

I've been watching the World Cup.  Like most guys, I'm attracted to soccer players -- their athletic, sturdy build is a total turn on.  I'm just a guy that way, I guess.  I find myself masturbating a lot when I watch soccer.  I suppose most men do.  The problem is when your wife is around, or you're with your girlfriend.  I mean, how do you get off a good wank, when your girlfriend is in the room?  How do you explain how you're super-aroused during a soccer game?  What I'm wondering, guys, is how do you handle this delicate situation?  


Gary Freedman said...

Brian loved soccer. Enough said.

Gary Freedman said...

What was my motivation in writing this post? Who knows? I'm psychotic. Very little I do has any meaning.

Gary Freedman said...

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Anonymous said...

I handle this delicate situation by being staunchly heterosexual. It's quite easy then. Not becoming aroused makes this "delicate" situation nonexistent, in fact.