Saturday, June 05, 2010

And They Say I'm Crazy?

US Capitol Police Threaten Whistleblower
Stew Webb for contacting US Congress and Senate
Culprit House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers
Breaking News May 25, 2010 12:20 pm Central
By Stew Webb
It can now be reported Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower contacted several Congressman and Senators Tuesday May 25, 2010.
After leaving messages with Aids I, Stew Webb was contacted by a person claiming to be US Capitol Police Detective Captain Zimmerman at 202 224 1495 who wanted to know my reason for contacting the Congressman and Senators.
I stated under 18 U.S.C. 4 Federal reporting Crimes act that the information was for the Congressman and Senators not the Capitol Police.
I was told I am not to Contact the US Senate of US Congress instead I was to call the Administration.
I hung up on the Nazi Captain Zimmerman.
A few minutes later I call back the number to verify Zimmerman at 202 224 1495 and told him to send me an email, Zimmerman stated I am not going to do that, I, Stew Webb hung up.
I this a direct threat against a US Citizen for his Constitutional Obligation and Rights to contact
The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate for redress of Grievances?
Is America now under Martial Law?
Or was this a Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate Nazi Goon aka Captain Zimmerman?

The following Congressman and Senators were contacted by me Stew Webb
Senator Clair McCaskill (D MO)
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D MO)
Congressman Ron Paul (R Texas)
Congressman John Conyers (Judiciary Chairman)

Stew Webb

Update 12:55pm Central received another call from Zimmerman at
202 228 1950, Zimmerman stated that legislative is not there for Reporting Crimes.
I asked him if he was a Bush-Clinton Nazi Goon and that it was none of his Business.
Zimmerman informed me that reporting Crimes is not the Business of the Congress or Senate.
Once again I hung up on him.
Stew Webb
See Letter below to Congressman Ron Paul
Attempted Murder of Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb

Update: 1:32 pm Central Time
A report by this Whistleblower Stew Webb to the Office of Inspector General was made to (OIG) Office of Inspector General Mike Smith at 866-906-2446.
Mr. Smith who received this email while I Stew Webb was on the telephone with him, was very courteous and stated he would get to the bottom of this.

Stew Webb

Copies sent to:;;;;;
CC: Sent to 30,000 emails of US Media and World Press
Including all OIG's of US Government
1/2 US Congress-Senate
and White House

Copies sent to:;;;;;
Update: 12:25 pm Central Time Wed May 26, 2010
Today I. Stew Webb again received a call from a Detective Zimmerman 202 228 1950 from the so called Capitol Police wanting to know why I am contacting Congressman John Conyers office yesterday Tuesday May 25, 2010.
This once again is a form of Harassment from a Bush Clinton Nazi Goon.
This is a perfect example why anyone could say that we are under a Martial Law condition in the Unites States.
Now I know why everyone wants a Revolution in America.
Stew Webb

Commanders Watch Office
202 224-0908
Office of Professional Responsibility
202 512 2170
202 512 2153
Sgt Shutters
Update Thursday May 27, 2010
8:00 am central Mark Beams 202 593-4201 the IG Office of Capitol Police contacted me and stated he followed up on my complaint about Detective Zimmerman.
And that Zimmerman’s Supervisor received the complaint I Stew Webb filed the day before against Zimmerman.
I explained the details of why I contacted John Conyers office that I could not get Justice in the Courts and that a Blackwater/XE Helicopter with Israeli Mossad had tried to kill me and a Fighter jet at my request had shot down the Helicopter and that I was trying to initiate a Hearing before the House Judiciary Committee to get Justice after 25 years as a Federal Whistleblower which Dirty-compromised John Conyers is the Chairman of that committee.
The IG Mark Beams was very Courtesy and stated to contact him if any further Harassment and Intimidation by Zimmerman occurs.
Conclusion I, Stew had initially contacted a person by the name of Carroll Patten of Congressman John Conyers office.
It seems to me based on conclusion that Carroll Patten of Congressman John Conyers office is DIRTY.
I also was informed by U.S. Intelligence that Congressman John Conyers was compromised by Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Every one reading this report who live in Congressman John Conyers district needs to fire vote out or Impeach this Compromised Punk in November.
Stew Webb

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