Sunday, June 06, 2010

Psychosis By Estoppel -- U.S. Department of Justice

April 11, 2010

To the U.S. Marshal:

My psychotherapist Abbas Jama. M.D. has advised me that he will be completing his residency at the end of June 2010. Dr. Jama has assured me that he will have a replacement psychiatrist for me to see beginning some time in July 2010.

As you know I suffer from severe (psychotic) mental illness of longstanding duration. I have been determined to be unemployable by the U.S. Social Security Administration, and I will probably never work again.

I respect the determination of the U.S. Marshal that I pose a security risk, that I may not attend my local synagogue because of my mental illness and its associated risks, that I may not visit the U.S. District Court without prior approval of the U.S. Marshal, and that I may have no contacts with Judge [redacted] (including employment inquiries) or with [redacted]. I assume that the U.S. Marshal would prefer that I not submit any job inquiries to any federal judges for employment that I am qualified to perform.

I am writing to assure you that I appreciate the severity of my illness and the concerns of the U.S. Marshal about the risks I pose to persons protected by the USMS. I have diligently tried to keep you apprised of issues that may be of interest to the USMS and will continue to do so.

202 362 7064

cc: U.S. Attorney; FBI Washington Field Office

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Gary Freedman said...

A half-million racketeering dollars from the federal government -- and its all legal under psychosis by estoppel. Thanks, Lanny!