Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Does Akin Gump Have Mob Connections?


The writer of the blog is Alex Constantine.  Alex Constantine is an American author, investigative journalist, radio commentator and musician. His work focuses on fascism and organized crime.

He has contributed to LA Weekly, Hustler, Z magazine, High Times, and a variety of other magazines, as well as providing news and radio commentary for several California radio stations.  Constantine has also appeared on various television shows related to music, mind control and political assassinations. He has hosted two BBC productions, one on the John Kennedy assassination and another on the death of Jimi Hendrix. The British newspaper The Observer included his book The Covert War Against Rock in their "The 50 Greatest Music Books Ever Written list."  Much of his writing focuses on fascism, which he says is inherently conspiratorial.

Constantine's band is called The Platitudes.

One of Constantine's more popular articles alleges that the Central Intelligence Agency uses satanic cults to engage in trauma-based programming. In his book The Covert War Against Rock Constantine advances documented evidence that anti-fascist rock stars were murdered for political reasons.

Apparently, Constantine believes Akin Gump has mob connections.


Gary Freedman said...

They broke into my apartment to take a video tape?

Is this a law firm or Disney productions?

This is racketeering in the bizarro world!

Gary Freedman said...

"Weeeh all afwaid of you. Weeh all afwaid you might buy a gun bwing it in and shoot evwybody!"

Gary Freedman said...

A pwosecution under Weako? Hahahahahahahaha!