Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birth of Joseph the Dreamer

Today, June 13, 2010, is 1 Tammuz 5770 on the Hebrew calendar.

Joseph, the son of the patriarch Jacob, was born in Charan (Mesopotamia) on the 1st of Tammuz of the year 2199 from creation (1562 BCE), the first child of Jacob's most beloved wife, Rachel, born after 7 childless years of marriage. He passed away on the same date 110 years later, in Egypt.

At age 30, he interpreted a pair of mysterious dreams dreamt by Pharaoh, and was appointed viceroy of Egypt to oversee the gathering and storage of grain in preparation for the seven years of famine that Pharaoh's dreams had predicted.

Here is a selection of my own dream interpretations.

The Dream of the Four Miltons

The Dream of Milton's Successor

The Dream of Murder in the Lobby

The Dream of Greensboro

The Dream of Greensboro: Additional Thoughts

The Dream of the Blue Oxford

Dream About Craig at Wanamaker's

A Kafkaesque Dream:

Monsieur Le President et Moi:

The Dream of the Ardent Zionist:

The Dream of the Quiz Show: 

The Dream of Camus' The Stranger:

Like Joseph, my father's name was Jacob. My father was 47 years old when I was born, so I was the son of his old age.

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