Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strauss: "Give Her What She Wants!"

He wasn't bothering anybody down below.  But she wanted his head on a silver platter out of spite.  He had refused "to kiss her ass."  And Strauss said: "Let her have what she wants!"  So she got his head on a silver platter.  And the rest is history!


Gary Freedman said...

John the Baptist -- Jochanaan -- was interned in an underground cistern.

I was assigned to the basement (the "terrace") at Akin Gump's office; that's where the litigation support group was housed.

Gary Freedman said...

My supervisor at Akin Gump (Chris Robertson) wrote a spiteful (retaliatory) memo to Dennis Race about me after I lodged a harassment complaint against her.

Gary Freedman said...

Salome wanted Jochanaan executed out of spite; he had refused to kiss her.