Friday, November 25, 2011

Witness for the Prosecution

During the period 2004-2005 I was a psychotherapy out-patient with the D.C. Department of Mental Health (Spring Road Clinic) under the care of Israella Bash, Ph.D.  Dr. Bash is a forensic psychologist who qualifies as an expert in court proceedings.  Dr. Bash is the co-author of "The Determination of Malingering," Annals of the N.Y. Academy of Sciences, 347(1): 86-99, June 1980.

It was Dr. Bash's professional opinion that I was engaged in malingering while I was her patient and that I was fully employable.  Perhaps the U.S. Attorney would like to call Dr. Bash as a witness for the prosecution for the crime of defrauding the U.S. Social Security Administration -- which I appear to be engaged in.


Gary Freedman said...

Summary of one of my sessions with Dr. Bash:

Gary Freedman said...

"Let's all go to the lobby." (I was born in December 1953.)

Gary Freedman said...

"Murder in the Lobby" based on the tune "Let's all go to the lobby."

Gary Freedman said...

I first saw the Billy Wilder movie Witness for the Prosecution on television when I was a boy.

Oddly enough, it was in that movie that I first learned the German word for "perjury."

Charles Laughton examines Marlene Dietrich on the witness stand:

--Mrs Helm, I presume you know the
meaning of the English word "perjury"? In German, the word is Meineid.

--Yes. Meineid.

--It means to swear falsely under oath. And are you aware, Mrs Helm,
that the penalty in this country for perjury is a heavy term of imprisonment?

--Yes, I'm aware.

The word "meineid" is a critical feature of the following interpretation of one of my dreams, "The Dream of Murder in the Lobby."

Gary Freedman said...

Am I at all concerned that Dr. Bash thought I was malingering and that I was employable in 2004-2005?

Not at all!

On October 12, 2004 10 MPDC and 4 FBI agents showed up at my door and hauled me off to DC General for an emergency forensic psych exam!!

Prosecute me with the testimony of Dr. Bash: Make my day!!