Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cosima Wagner's Diaries: The Management Committee

Friday, January 29, 1875 Richard despondent on account of the hopelessness of Glatz. “I need savages,” Richard says, “not cultivated barbarians.” I write to Baron Normann to inquire about a tenor, Herr Schwab, who has approached us. -- I am now reading [Lessing’s] Nathan der Weise with the children and once more find much of it very moving; the voice of Assad, which rests in Saladin’s soul, moves me particularly--one forgets the voice of the dead, but it can be recalled. Truth, paid out like a coin in the monologue of Nathan, reminds one of the businesslike attitude of the Jews toward their God. Conference regarding a restaurant to be built--one difficulty after another, but Richard is still satisfied with the people on his Management Committee.  In the evening read Gfrorer’s book.

Saturday, January 30, 1875 Richard works on his “Albumblatt” for Frau Betty Schott. Several singers reply to the circular, and in a very friendly way.  But Richard is still not very well, the rash on his three fingers is a great torment to him. In the evening read Gfrorer. Herr Glatz still unwell, little hope for Siegfried! . . . In the evening Gfrorer’s Primitive Christianity, in which a saying of the Jews makes a deep imprint on my mind: “One should pray for a good eye, a humble spirit, and a soul free from desire.”

Sunday, January 31, 1875 A fine winter’s day, the children in church and on the ice, I busy with preparations for the journey. In the evening read Nathan der Weise to the children, and later guests. E-flat Major Quartet and E Major Sonata.


Gary Freedman said...

Betty Schott was the wife of Wagner's publisher. She had raised a sum of money to be contributed to Wagner's festival theater project; Wagner's composition was a gift of thanks. The Ring was performed in Bayreuth in August 1876, and in 1875 the Wagners were auditioning singers. They ended up not hiring Herr Glatz for the role of Siegfried.

Gary Freedman said...

From Significant Moments:

I hear a man . . .
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
. . . from the management committee . . .
Cosima Wagner’s Diaries (Thursday, August 14, 1873).
. . . say that . . .
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
. . .10,000 marks have been deducted from the receipts for seats for the press.
Cosima Wagner’s Diaries (Thursday, May 5, 1881).