Saturday, November 26, 2011

Significant Moments: The Composer, The Lawyer and Art Imitating Life

          It was, as the loquacious Strauss . . .
Jules Witcover, Marathon: The Pursuit of the Presidency 1972-1976.               
              . . . who was active on the podium one way or another all his long life, . . .
Harold C. Schonberg, The Great Conductors.                           
                       . . .wrote later:
Jim Bishop, FDR’s Last Year: April 1944-April 1945.         
          It was . . . “like giving Heifetz a Stradivarius. . . . ”
Jules Witcover, Marathon: The Pursuit of the Presidency 1972-1976.     
           “ . . . The son of a bitch . . .
William Faulkner, Light in August.                      
                     . . . knows how to play . . .
Jules Witcover, Marathon: The Pursuit of the Presidency 1972-1976.                           
                                . . . his audience . . . ”
William Faulkner, Light in August.

The following is an anecdote from an article published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas:

It has been decades since I was an active member of this prestigious forum. Last night, I attended a book party for Kathryn McGarr, Cappy McGarr and Janie Strauss McGarr’s daughter. She has written a zinger of a book about her mother’s uncle, Bob Strauss, one of our most accomplished and colorful public servants.

The evening brought to mind the time―I believe it was in 1979 or thereabouts―when Bob was U.S. trade representative and spoke to the Friday Group. He was introduced by his brother Ted, who gave such an admiring and thorough background introduction that it went on longer than Bob had time to speak. When Bob finally stood up to the podium, right off the bat he was vintage Strauss: “G-- d---it Ted, I asked for an introduction, not a G-- d---ed travelogue!” (And it wasn’t “Gosh darned.”)

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