Thursday, November 10, 2011

SSA Claim: Evidence of Sincerity of Delusional Beliefs

May 7, 1993
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20008

Fay E. Peterson
Disability Claims Examiner
District of Columbia
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Disability Determination Division
P.O. Box 37608
Washington, DC  20013

RE:  Disability Claim xxx xx xxxx

Dear Ms. Peterson:

Enclosed is a copy of handwritten notes I left in my apartment on the morning of Friday October 25, 1991 prior to going to work.  The notes are addressed to "Ms. Wranik," the then manager of my apartment building.

The notes establish that I had formed the belief while employed at Akin Gump that Ms. Wranik used to inspect my apartment building every morning and report her findings back to management of the firm.  These notes establish that this stated belief is not a recent fabrication on my part.


Gary Freedman

It seems probable that the contents of the notes addressed to Wranik discussed issues pertinent to the harassment complaint I lodged against my supervisor Chris Robertson and other personnel.  I lodged that harassment complaint on the afternoon of Wednesday October 23, 1991.  On Thursday morning I was summoned by Dennis Race to speak with him and Malcolm Lassman in Mr. Race's office.  On Friday October 25, 1991 (the same date as the above referenced notes to Wranik) my supervisor wrote a retaliatory memo to Dennis Race.

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