Friday, July 09, 2010

Psychosis by Estoppel Blogs

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis through his writings impressed on the awareness of the courts the importance of a right to privacy.

My contribution to the law?  I introduced the concept of "psychosis by estoppel."

Can anyone doubt that I am engaged in important public work in my blog, My Daily Struggles?  By means of psychosis by estoppel, a hitherto unknown legal device, the individual can transform a garden-variety fraud scheme into a multi-million dollar legal enterprise.  If the individual is particularly clever he can get the Justice Department to bolster the operation of the device "psychosis by estoppel" by taking opportunistic advantage of a major law firm's propensity to obstruct justice and engage in surreptitious racketeering.


Gary Freedman said...

Yes, I am a wicked individual. But, keep in mind, people with schizophrenia say the darndest things.

Gary Freedman said...

I wonder how much they paid the U.S. Marshal Service? I can say that. I'm a certified paranoid schizophrenic.

Gary Freedman said...

On the down side, no one believes me when I say people have been spying on me; on the up side, nothing I say counts as an admission under the law.

Barbara altman said...

I had hallucinations when I was a teenager. They stopped at age 19. But the brain fog was constant. My healing modalities have included whole food vitamins, iodine supplementation, and thyroid supplementation. The protocol I use is Orthomolecular psychiatry. It works.
Barbara altman, author of Recovering from Depression, Anxiety, and Psychosis.