Friday, July 23, 2010

Keith Ablow, M.D. -- Reminds Me of Home

The psychiatrist Keith Ablow, M.D. used to write a column in the health section of the Washington Post.  

I can still recall a column he wrote about 15 years ago.  He said that he had been to a restaurant in which all the waitresses wore roller skates.  He asked one of the waitresses what it was like having to work on roller skates, assuming she would say that it made her job all the more difficult.  Surprisingly, the waitress told Dr. Ablow that she liked it.  "It reminds me of home when I was growing up," she said.  Dr. Ablow thought, incredulously, "What kind of home did she come from?"

The waitresses statement and Dr. Ablow's reaction made an impression on me.  People must ask themselves, "How did he put up with all that he's had to put up with since 1988 when he started working at that law firm?"   Actually, it reminds me of my family when I was growing up.  My family was a kind of training ground for my adult life.  I adapted to a disturbed family environment in childhood, and in adulthood I easily maneuver in disturbed environments.  Feels like home!

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