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The Mind of the Noncreative Individual

[email to Gary Freedman from high school reunion organizer]

That's fine, but largely irrelevant, and is not worthy of a correction. Maybe you would also like to look through the list to see how many entered in 10th grade in September 68, or did 9th and 10th in 1 year beginning 9/68 years, for whom the total is then only 42 years. Do you care to look for any other typos also? I have worked very hard on this over the years, and I am continuing to work very hard to track down all the folks who have not been considerate enough to keep their contact data up to date and whose e-mails just rejected, and I actually really do NOT appreciate getting this kind of response for my efforts. Obviously, some people in the class think that this is all magic. At least I was good enough to get a correction out, as at least one person was unable to log into the web site for reasons we could not figure out until I discovered my typo on the url. Fortunately, when I hear from other members of the class they are supportive and appreciative of what is largely now a 1-man effort to keep this together and would never dream of bringing a criticism such as you did. And have offered to help and have participated in our events.

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Sorry to be a nitpicker, but actually there's another error. The 230th class started Central in September 1967 -- that's 43 years ago, not 44 years ago as you stated in your email. 

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Please note an error in yesterday's e-mail The class web page is STILL I typed which is the school's site, and whileinteresting and useful, is not related to our page (other than a link in theAlumni section. Sorry about that


The fact remains (regardless of straglers), the 230 entered Central in September 1967, just as the 273 will enter in September 2010.  See The Central High School Newsletter.  The Newsletter refers to the 273 entering Central this fall.  "273 is on its way [beginning fall 2010] and it is going to be a truly great class."

I wonder what Linda Miller would make of this?


Gary Freedman said...

"Touchiness" is a symptom of a narcissistic personality disorder.

I've gotten other testy messages from this fellow.

Gary Freedman said...

And the DOJ thinks I miss working with people like this? I'll take the cash!

Gary Freedman said...

Psychoanalytically, note the symmetry:

1) touchiness, ego weakness, lack of internal sources of self-esteem

2) use of the group (here, a high school class) as a preautonomous superego: membership in the group is a source of self-esteem

Yes, I psychoanalyze people who get on my nerves.

Gary Freedman said...

MacKinnon gathered personality data on architects. The data clustered into three personality types: (I) the artist (creative), (II) neurotic (conflicted; artiste manque), and (III) the average (adapted). (Architects were chosen because they combine art with science, business, even psychology). His research found significant differences among the three groups.

Group I scored highest, in MacKinnon's analysis, on aggression, autonomy (independence), psychological complexity and richness, and ego strength (will); their goal was found to be "some inner artistic standard of excellence."

Group II scored intermediate on independence, close to (I) on richness, and highest on anxiety; their goal was "efficient execution."

Group III scored highest on abasement, affiliation, and deference (socialization); their goal was to meet the standard of the group.