Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Akin Gump: Hey, What Stinks in Here?

Consider the following striking coincidences:


Then consider the fact that the George Washington University Medical Center (GW) diagnosed me with bipolar disorder (1992-1993), a psychotic mental illness, which later underwent a miraculous spontaneous remission.

GW later diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia (1996), a psychotic mental illness, which also later underwent a miraculous spontaneous remission.

Results of comprehensive psychological testing performed by GW did not disclose any psychiatric disorder in me at all.

Akin Gump alleges (with no supporting documentation) that it had spoken to two mental health professionals (including a world renowned psychiatrist) prior to my job termination in 1991 who agreed with Akin Gump's attorney managers that I should be fired from my job by reason of severe mental illness.  I had an exemplary job record with no evidence of disciplinary infractions.  The mental health consultants did not evaluate me personally.

I had lodged a harassment complaint against my supervisor (who it later turns out was a racist) with Akin Gump's attorney managers in 1991 -- but in response to a complaint filed by the D.C. Department of Human Rights (May 22, 1992) the firm was silent as to my complaint against that supervisor.  A senior Akin Gump manager is a prominent African American civil rights leader.

Wake up, people!!! How stupid does Akin Gump think we all are??????

Where am I?  Is this a dream?  What in God's name is going on here?


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Gary Freedman said...

"Everything that had been deleted and edited out suddenly reappeared as transparent and objective."