Monday, July 12, 2010

Ideas of Reference: Tenants at 3801

Do I currently have any ideas of reference about any tenants in my apartment building?  As a matter of fact, I do.  

The first tenant is an elderly woman named Jan.  She has lived in the apartment building since at least 1986.  I specifically remember that in 1986 I purchased an unassembled table that was very heavy.  I took a cab home from the store.  I got out of the cab in front of my building, but was having a problem carrying the table into the entrance.  Jan helped me carry the table.  She has said hello to me ever since.  Jan used to patronize the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library.  She was friendly with now retired Branch Librarian Brian P. Brown.  They used to talk about baseball.  In 2004 or 2005, during the period of my ban from the library, Jan and I were sitting in the lobby of my building.  I asked her about how things were in the library.  She seemed evasive and didn't want to talk about it.  I have a vague feeling she knows things about me.

There is a second tenant, a middle aged man (on the older side of middle age) whose first name I think is Patrick, who I believe knows about me.  He's lived in the building for many years.  I often see him with a female who also lives in the building; they appear to be intimate.  It was only in the relatively recent past that I picked up the feeling that he recognized me.  He didn't used to notice me at all.  Then there came a time when he would look at me, almost with a look of recognition.  

Something peculiar.  On the afternoon that I wrote a post on this blog about a federal official that prompted a visit from federal law enforcement on Friday January 15, 2010 -- in fact one of the posts that I was implicitly requested to delete -- I saw Patrick on Connecticut Avenue.  The post praised the federal official effusively; that was probably in early January 2010.  Patrick looked at me and smiled broadly that afternoon.  My paranoid inference was that Patrick knew about the content of my blog post.  Patrick's reaction was particularly odd in light of the later negative reaction by the Justice Department to that specific blog post.  Patrick now seems to assiduously avert his gaze when he sees me.

Another peculiarity.  On Sunday afternoon November 15, 2009 I attended the Wagner opera Gotterdammerung at the Kennedy Center.  I took the shuttle bus at the Foggy Bottom Metro station to the opera house at the Kennedy center.  Oddly enough, the woman Patrick appears to be intimate with got on the shuttle bus.  Apparently, she was also attending the performance of Gotterdammerung!

Specific identifer.  Patrick appears to be a food hobbyist, and occasionally talks about food and cooking with the front desk person at 3801.

My thinking is pervasively self-referential and consistent with severe mental illness and with my not being fit for employment.  If my Social Security Disability claim is fraudulent, it is a sincere fraud; I don't manufacture symptoms of illness.  My statements are not a knowing falsification of material facts.

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