Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Does Eric Bettelheim Know (If Anything) And When Did He Know It?

Bruno Bettelheim (August 28, 1903 – March 13, 1990) was an Austrian-born American child psychologist and writer. He gained an international reputation for his work on Freud, psychoanalysis, and emotionally disturbed children.

After the merging of Austria into Greater Germany (April 1938), the authorities sent Bettelheim with other Austrian Jews to Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps for 11 months from 1938 to 1939. In Buchenwald he met and befriended the social psychologist Ernst Federn. As a result of an amnesty declared for Hitler's birthday (April 20, 1939), Bettelheim and hundreds of other prisoners regained their freedom. Bettelheim drew on the experience of the concentration camps for some of his later work.

I quote from Bruno Bettelheim's writings in my book Significant Moments

Bruno Bettelheim's son, Eric Bettelheim, is a British lawyer.  Do you think our friends contacted Eric Bettelheim?  Akin Gump manager Malcolm Lassman's father was a British Jew, and Mr. Lassman's brother, Lionel Lassman, practices law in London, England.  According to Vernon Jordan all British Jewish lawyers know each other.

Eric Bettelheim is an internationally recognized expert in environmental and financial markets and investment. He is a Founder and was Executive Chairman of Sustainable Forestry Management (SFM) Ltd, from 1999 to 2009. He established SFM as a private group of companies dedicated to realising value from the ethical and sustainable use of tropical and sub-tropical forests including the environmental services which they provide. Eric is widely regarded as a leading pioneer in the development of forest and land-use carbon market policy and investment. He has worked extensively with private, public and non-governmental institutions to promote investment throughout the developing world to provide sustainable livelihoods in restored and preserved forest ecosystems.

Eric practiced as a commercial lawyer for twenty five years and is a specialist in the law and regulation of financial institutions and financial products. His clients have included investment and commercial banks, investment funds, commodities dealers, securities brokers and securities and derivatives exchanges and clearing houses throughout the world. He has published numerous articles and papers on the subjects of financial law and regulation, as well as on environmental markets and climate change. He was co-editor and contributor to a seminal work on carbon sequestration published by The Royal Society. His work on financial, commodity and environmental markets has been published by many leading journals. He has chaired and presented at numerous conferences and symposia across the globe.

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