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Why Did the Justice Department Have A Conniption Fit About This Particular Post? -- Anyone?

The U.S. Department of Justice sent two law enforcement officers to my home on Friday January 15, 2010 to advise me of their concerns about my blog: My Daily Struggles. The officers cited two particular posts. One post was about a Wikipedia article I had revised in July 2006 -- three-and-a-half years ago! The Wikipedia article was a biography of the spouse of a partner at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Covington & Burling. Keep in mind that all revisions to Wikipedia are closely scrutinized by a large team of editors. The revisions were factually accurate, nondefamatory and based on published accounts. The revisions were not deleted by the subject of the article -- or anyone, for that matter.

The other post the officers had a serious problem with was this one, reprinted below. Apparently, the Justice Department had a conniption fit about this post. Why? Because it creates innuendo about a close personal friend of a former U.S. President, Bill Clinton (who incidentally had his law license suspended in Arkansas several years ago for engaging in unethical conduct)? Oh, did I forget to mention that the current assistant attorney general at Justice (Criminal Division), Lanny Breuer, Esq., was White House Counsel in the Clinton White House? Did I forget to mention that Lanny Breuer used to be none other than a Covington & Burling partner, a law partner of Charles F.C. Ruff, Esq. (now deceased) who affirmed that my former employer had genuine and credible concerns that I was potentially violent and potentially armed and homicidal? And, oh, yes, did I forget to mention that the current Attorney General of the United States is Eric H. Holder, Jr., who, until the Obama Administration, was a law partner at -- you guessed it: Covington & Burling!

Be that as it may.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra had the gift of prophecy. Apollo placed a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her predictions. She is a figure both of the epic tradition and of tragedy, where her combination of deep understanding and powerlessness exemplify the tragic condition of humankind.

Way back in 1994 I warned the FBI that dirty work was afoot. Did anybody believe me? No!

May 14, 1994
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington Field Office
1900 Half Street, SW
Washington, DC 20324-1600

RE: Freedman v. Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld

Dear Sir:

Enclosed for your information is additional documentation regarding the above-referenced matter: Washington Post article, dated May 14, 1994, titled "Kelly's Human Rights Chief to Quit."

The article reports on the resignation of Margie A. Utley, director of the D.C. Dept. of Human Rights and Minority Business Development. The article states that Ms. Utley, who is leaving her position for personal reasons, had been charged with a violation of federal law, the Hatch Act.

You will note that it was Ms. Utley who determined that my former employer, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, terminated my employment lawfully, despite the persuasive evidence I submitted to Ms. Utley's agency that Akin Gump had fabricated evidence that I suffered from a grave mental disorder and was potentially violent.

Incidentally, a senior partner at Akin Gump, Mr. Vernon Jordan, has close connections with the Kelly administration and served as head of Mayor Kelley's transition team in the fall of 1990.


Gary Freedman


Gary Freedman said...

Margie Utley was eventually disbarred in 1997 for misappropriating estate funds.

I was the first to sound the alarm bells!

Gary Freedman said...

Vitamin P?

Israel, many argue, was built upon the premise of what we call in Nigeria "man know man": Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours back. In short, the act of granting favours and preferential treatment to either (1) people whom one knows personally - by blood, marriage, friendship or other, less immediately tangible connections or (2) People in a position to reciprocate the favour in due course, in short providing a reason to tilt a decision in one's favour.

Some call it nepotism; others, less kindly, describe it rank corruption. Everyone, apparently, refers to it as Protekzia or Vitamin P.

Why is it so prevalent in Israel? Who knows. My guess is that, given the heavily centralised organs of state pre and post independence, combined with a natural (?) dichotomy between the participants in successive waves of Aliyah and the differing "ethnic" origins of each wave, this was pretty much inevitable. You know: The Russians viewed the Poles with suspicion. The Poles thought the Yekkes, with their ties and jackets in the noon-day sun, insane. The pre-1939ers felt a combination of pity and condescension to the post 1945ers. And as for the post-1948ers from North Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East...

Gary Freedman said...

This post was originally titled: "This case has been screaming for attention for years" -- a quote attributed to a federal official.

Gary Freedman said...

Us Courts (

United States Washington, District Of Columbia, United States, 1 returning visit

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Gary Freedman said...

Margie Utley was, in fact, later found guilty of violating the Hatch Act, indicating her propensity to violate the law in order to help her friends.