Friday, October 14, 2011

Letter to FBI -- 1995 -- Hogan & Hartson Rumor or Reputation Evidence

April 7, 1995
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20008-4530

David M. Bowie
Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Bowie:

Enclosed for your general information is a telephone directory listing all personnel associated with the D.C. office of the law firm of Hogan & Hartson as of May 4, 1987.  I was employed at Hogan & Hartson during the period mid-September 1985 to February 26, 1988 in the capacity of temporary legal assistant.  Since I was employed as an employee of an independent contractor and not a direct employee of the firm, I was not listed in the directory.

I direct your specific attention to the fact that an attorney named Wendy L. Wysong, formerly employed by Hogan & Hartson during my tenure, is currently employed in the District of Columbia U.S. Attorney's Office in the capacity of assistant U.S. Attorney.  I vaguely recall reading in the press some time ago that Wendy Wysong worked closely with U.S. Attorney Eric H. Holder, Jr. in connection with the investigation of U.S. Representative Dan Rostenkowski.

During my tenure at Hogan & Hartson I had no contact with Wendy Wysong.  However, Wendy Wysong may have some knowledge of my reputation in the firm.


Gary Freedman

The only reason I was aware of Wendy Wysong at Hogan was that the firm had a public address system and from time to time firm personnel were paged: "Wendy Wysong, please call . . . "  The Hogan telephone directory would have listed John G. Roberts, Jr. a Hogan partner, and currently Chief Justice of the United States.  Perhaps Justice Roberts has rumor or reputation evidence about me.  I had no contact with Justice Roberts at Hogan.  During the period May 1986 to July 1986 I worked closely with Hogan associate Catherine James Lacroix on a project for the client Mercedes.  Mrs. Lacroix worked closely with Justice Roberts on another case.