Monday, October 10, 2011


יוחנן המטביל:  I didn't kiss her mouth.  What was your problem?

FREEDMAN:  I wouldn't kiss her ass!!


Gary Freedman said...

This is some people's idea of getting a head in this world!!

Gary Freedman said...

Message for Randy Levine:

In New York, the premiere of Salome took place on 22 January 1907 after which, under pressure from wealthy patrons, further performances were cancelled.

It was not performed again in New York until 1936.

Yes, the New York Office was horrified!!!

Gary Freedman said...

Salome was the first opera that Bernard E. Epstein saw as a youth.

Gary Freedman said...

Oddly enough, on the evening of August 6, 1998 when two special agents of the U.S. Capitol Police questioned me about a law enforcement matter, -- when I said my supervisor said she was afraid I might kill her, one of the agents asked: "Were you having an affair with her?"

An astute observation linking the aggressive and erotic drives, as the Freudians say.