Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ode to Dennis Race

Ode to D. Race

Thanks for the memo, D.
for inconsistencies,
for blatant perjury--
for kneeling, you and Larry, on
a felon's fellow knees.
Oh, Thank you so much.



Gary Freedman said...

The last time I had lunch with Craig Dye in early February 1992, I said I might consider going back to Akin Gump if Larry Hoffman got down on his knees--

Craig interrupted, and said: "got down on his knees and gave you a blow-job?"

I said, "No, got down on his knees and begged."

Gary Freedman said...

As I've said elsewhere:

"Craig Dye was a sexually-obsessed young man, phallic narcissistic in character. He was 28 years old and had never held more than menial jobs despite clearly exceptional intellectual abilities. He had a master's degree in international relations from the Johns Hopkins School for International Studies. He seemed hungry for advancement. "He was handsome, intelligent, manipulative, and a womanizer." Fernando, J. "The Exceptions: Structural and Dynamic Aspects." The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 52: 17-28, 1997."

Gary Freedman said...

The poem is an expression of my opportunism.