Monday, October 17, 2011

GW Psychiatric Treatment: Failure to Take Prudent Action

Effective June 30, 1996 my out-patient psychiatric treatment by Dimitrios Georgopoulos, M.D. was terminated upon the completion of Dr. Georgopoulos' residency training program at the George Washington University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry. GW adopted changes requiring patients to be members of GW's insurance plan.  Dr. Georgopoulos had promised, but, in fact, did nothing to help me find alternative psychiatric treatment. I found GW's handling of my case to be suspect in view of my diagnosis -- paranoid schizophrenia, a debilitating psychotic disorder -- as well as the fact that information from several seemingly reliable sources indicated I could become violent, even homicidal.

May 24, 1996
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20008-4530

Anne Fisher
Meyer Treatment Center
Washington School of Psychiatry
2025 I Street, NW
Washington, DC

RE:  Intake Assessment

Dear Ms. Fisher:

Unfortunately, I was unable to reach you by telephone on Thursday May 23, 1996.  I will try to reach you by telephone during the week of May 27, 1996.

I am currently receiving out-patient psychiatric treatment provided by the George Washington University Medical Center.  The enclosed document (memorandum to Stuart M. Sotsky, M.D., dated May 21, 1996) details my current situation.

I am currently receive [sic] disability benefits paid by the U.S. Social Security Administration, and have Medicare coverage.

Telephone: (202) 362-7064 or (202) 363-3800 (messages).

Thank you.


Gary Freedman

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