Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 21st!!

From the Seinfeld episode, "The Pez Dispenser:"

Jerry's Apartment (opening scene)

George:  . . . pianist. A  classical pianist. She plays the piano. She's a brilliant woman. I-I-I sat in her living room . . .  She played the Waldstein Sonata! The Waldstein!  We did a crossword puzzle together, in bed. It was the most fun I ever had in my entire life. Did you hear me? in my life!  Y'know?

Jerry enters

Jerry: Were you talking? I couldn't hear anything.

George: I was telling you about Noel.

Jerry: Oh, Noel! Yeah, the one who plays bongos . . .

George: [sarcastically] Heh heh heh... So side-splittingly funny . . .

Jerry: All right, I'm sorry. What about her?

George: What, you think I'm going to repeat the whole thing now?

Daniel Barenboim performs the first movement of Beethoven's "Waldstein Sonata," no. 21.

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