Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dean Claudio Grossman


Gary Freedman said...

Dean Claudio Grossman, The Washington College of Law, The American University.

Dean Grossman was my faculty adviser at AU (1983-1984). Also, I took two courses taught by Professor Grossman.

Gary Freedman said...

In all my courses, I really have to teach the basic messages of my life: that the rewards, the satisfactions, are not in being partner or making a million dollars, but in recognizing evils, recognizing injustices and standing up and speaking out about them even in absolutely losing situations where you know it's not going to bring about any change — that there are intangible rewards to the spirit that make that worthwhile.

--Derrick Bell, Professor of Law, New York University

Gary Freedman said...

"Oh, how heartbreaking it was, the most guilty ones escaping punishment and flaunting their impunity in broad daylight while the innocent rotted in the ground."

--Emile Zola, The Debacle

Gary Freedman said...

Claudio Grossman CV:

Gary Freedman said...

USMS: What is your motivation in writing a blog?

USMS: What is it you are trying to accomplish with your blog?

SADDAM HUSSEIN: Dean Grossman, what is your motivation in writing about torture?

SADDAM HUSSEIN: Dean Grossman, what is it you are trying to accomplish by writing and lecturing against torture?

Get it?

The good guys don't ask questions like that!

Gary Freedman said...

And, by the way, the Secret Service did not ask those questions.