Monday, January 23, 2012

GW Psychiatric Treatment: Initial Assessment -- Treatment History

In September 1992 I was assessed at the George Washington University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry by Napoleon Cuenco, M.D., a third-year resident.  

September 2, 1992
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apt. 136
Washington, DC  20008

Dr. Napoleon Cuenco
George Washington University
   Medical Center
Department of Psychiatry
Washington, DC

Dear Dr. Cuenco:

For your information, the following lists all mental health professionals I have ever consulted.

1.  Dr. Chubb, MD, Pennsylvania State University, Student Health Center, University Park, PA.  One consultation in fall of 1973. [problems with roommate.] [physician deceased]

2.  Dr. Louis Alikakos, MD [deceased]
Weekly psychotherapy January 1977-March 1978, Spring and summer 1979 [prescribed Ativan]

3.  Dr. Gregory Tramuta, two consultations at Germantown Hospital, Philadelphia, PA following suicide attempt in November 1977. [performed suicide risk assessment]

4.  Dr. I.J. Oberman, DO, Northwest Institute of Psychiatry, consultations during period June 1978-early 1979. [deceased] [prescribed Ativan]

5.  Spokane Community Mental Health Center, Dr. Elizabeth Ekin, MD (periodic consultations) and John Brennan (weekly consultations) February 1980-July 1980. [prescribed Ativan]

6.  Dr. Timothy Dickens, MD, Temple University Student Health Center (periodic consultations - Fall 1980 to Spring 1982). [prescribed Ativan]

7.  Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.  Evaluation for psychoanalysis (Spring 1981).  Cannot recall name of evaluating psychoanalyst.  Determined not to be fit for psychoanalysis as performed at training Institute.

8.  Ms. Kathleen Kelly (September 1989), Sheppard Pratt Institute, Washington, DC.  Two consultations [sought referrals]

9.  Ms. Judy Peres (November 1990), Sheppard Pratt Institute, Washington, DC.  One consultation. [sought referrals to hypnotherapists]

10.  Dr. Stanley Palombo, MD, 5225 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC.  Weekly consultations late January 1990-early December 1990.

11.  Dr. Steven Stein, Ph.D., (One consultation, March 15, 1991).  Referred me to Dr. Norman Wilson, MD. [believed I might be psychotic and referred me to Dr. Wilson for possible medical treatment.]

12.  Dr. Norman Wilson, MD (One consultation, March 1991).

13.  Dr. Lewis Winkler, MD  (Three consultations, April 1991).

14.  Dr. Laurence C. Sack, MD, 3801 Connecticut Avenue, (3 consultations, May 1991). [deceased]

15.  Dr. William Brown, Ph.D., (weekly consultations, May-October 1991). [psychologist precluded from prescribing medication] [job termination October 29, 1991]

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