Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letter to FBI -- 1995

April 6, 1995
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC  200008-4530

David M. Bowie
Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC  20034

Dear Mr. Bowie:

Enclosed for your general information is additional background material.

1.  Letter of reference dated April 24, 1979 prepared by Mrs. Elena P. Saboe, a former coworker at the Franklin Research Laboratories in Philadelphia.

2.  Letter of acceptance issued by Gonzaga University Law Review in the summer of 1980;  I had no significant personal contacts with the letter's signers.

3.  Contents page of The Jurist (Spring 1981), a publication of Temple University Law School on which I served as an associate editor.

4.  Bibliographic material from a publication "Biological Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation: A Digest of Current Literature," prepared by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  I assisted Mrs. Saboe with the preparation of the publication during the period Fall 1976 to January 1979, and later managed the publication myself during the first half of 1979 prior to my entering law school in the Fall of 1979.

5.  Comments by Professor Seymour J. Rubin regarding a paper I had written for his course at the American University Law School in 1983.  Attached is background information concerning Professor Rubin.

6.  Billing statement issued by the George Washington University Medical Center indicating the diagnosis Delusional (Paranoid) Disorder: DSM-III-R 297.10.

Dr. Bruce H. Kleinstein served as my supervisor at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia during the period 1972 to July 1979.  I believe he currently serves as President of his own company, Information Ventures, in Philadelphia: office telephone no. (215) 732-9083; home telephone no. (215) 732-xxxx.


Gary Freedman