Monday, January 09, 2012

Law School Criminal Law Professor

I spent the school year 1979-1980 in my first year of law school at the Gonzaga University Law School in Spokane, Washington.  My criminal law professor was Charles Jens, who was about 70 years old at the time.  He was an inspiring teacher, who was very popular with students.  I earned a grade of B+ in his class.

In August 1980 I moved to Philadelphia, about 8 blocks from Independence Hall where the Bill of Rights was written.  I sent Professor Jens a souvenir copy of the Bill of Rights together with a cover letter.  Professor Jens sent back the following handwritten note on his letter.

Spokane, Washington 99220 - Phone (509) 326-5310

2 Oct [1980]

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your kind & generous letter.  I appreciate your sentiments.  I wish you success in all that you do.  It was my pleasure to have had you in class.  Thank you - also - for those wonderful "old laws."  They are hanging in my office.  The Dean has had a change of heart and only this week informed me that I could stay for the year 1981-1982 -- teaching 2 sections of criminal law.

Again -- my best wishes for your future.


Charlie Jens

P.S. Look up Michelle Simon -- who is practicing law in Philadelphia.  She was a student here & a close friend.  Her husband is Michael Simon - also an atty.  C.J.

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