Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Western Union Mailgram

Western Union Mailgram
January 12, 1989

This is a confirmation copy of the following message:

Mr. Craig W. Dye
Hogan and Hartson Computer
Applications Department
8 West 555 13 St. North
Washington DC 20009

How is my credit rating?  Let's do beer/video interface.  Is Danny game?  Seek to avoid telephonegate.  No one ever said I couldn't telegram.  Smoke signals still at my disposal.

17:54 EST


Gary Freedman said...

This appears to be my sarcastic reply to concerns about my telephoning Craig Dye at Hogan & Hartson.

I ended up spending the evening at Craig's place on March 8, 1989, the day before Eastern Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection.

Daniel Cutler was also there in addition to Craig's roommate Sandra (the artist).

Gary Freedman said...

Psychologically, I find it interesting that this letter states: "How's my credit rating?"

I once said to Jesse Raben at AGSHF: "Get Met, It Pays."

I use the language of commerce to discuss interpersonal relations.

Gary Freedman said...

The message perhaps reveals something about my moral reasoning, which seems to adhere to the precept:

What is not forbidden is permitted.