Monday, January 23, 2012

Hogan & Hartson: Overtime Compensation

TO:   Sheryl Ferguson

FROM:  Gary Freedman

DATE:  October 14, 1986

RE:  Overtime

I spent much of the week ending [Sunday] October 12, 1986 working on MPS [Milwaukee Public Schools litigation].  On certain days the total hours exceeded 8.  It is my understanding that, although no overtime was authorized on the project, it is permissible to work more than 8 hours per day (or on the weekend) on MPS as long as no more than 40 hours are charged to the project during the one-week period and the total hours do not exceed 50.  (Also, no petty cash vouchers are being submitted for MPS work).

Is this correct?

[Handwritten note by Sheryl Ferguson:]  Not really, Gary.  If you would like to come see me we can discuss.  SLF


Gary Freedman said...

The billing partner for MPS litigation was David Tatel, Esq. (now a federal judge.)

The senior attorney on MPS was Elliot Mincberg, Esq.

Gary Freedman said...

The week in question (October 6, 1986 to October 12, 1986) coincided with Craig W. Dye's first week at the firm.

Craig and I shared office space alone together in a small annex to the firm's library, on the second floor.

Craig was angry that I didn't talk to him all week. When I was leaving work on Friday afternoon October 10, 1986, Craig said with bitter sarcasm: "It was really nice spending the week with you, Gary."

The memo is circumstantial evidence that I was unusually busy that week. But Craig, as per usual, saw everything I did as relating to him. He didn't think: "Gary must be very busy." Instead he apparently thought: "Gary is ignoring me."

Gary Freedman said...

My psychoanalytical thoughts about Craig Dye: