Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hogan & Hartson: Distribution of Illegal Drugs on Firm Premises?

In March 1987 I worked as an agency-supplied temporary employee in the Computer Applications Department (CAD) at the DC law firm of Hogan & Hartson. My fellow employees in CAD worked in an office suite across the street from the firm's main office on 815 Connecticut Avenue, the so called "I Street Office."

On an afternoon in March 1987 I was working in my office alone, behind a closed door. I could hear my coworkers talking about marijuana. At some point Daniel D. Cutler, Esq. -- one of my coworkers -- left the office, and it became quiet in the office. Some time later, Daniel Cutler returned. I heard him say: "It's not hard to get; they sell it on the street." There was a lot of loud carrying on in the office after Daniel Cutler returned. I inferred that Daniel Cutler had purchased marijuana on the street and proceeded to distribute the drug to his coworkers on Hogan & Hartson's premises. Craig W. Dye was not present at that time; I believe he was working at the firm's main office on Connecticut Avenue.

The Computer Applications Department supervisor Sheryl Ferguson announced on February 12, 1987 that she would be leaving Hogan to work for ATLIS.  The data base administrator Espe Rebollar was assigned the task of supervising the employees.  A permanent replacement for Sheryl Ferguson named Miriam Chilton was not hired until late May 1987.  There was a major breakdown in employee discipline after Sheryl Ferguson announced her departure, heightened by the fact that the Computer Applications Department employees were housed in an office building across the street from the firm's central office at 815 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., until about late May 1987 when the firm moved to a new location at Columbia Square.

I posted the following item on the bulletin board in Hogan's I Street office.  The individuals listed below are Mary Jane Coolen, Rochelle Heard, Esq., Craig W. Dye, Daniel D. Cutler, Clarence Pollard, Esq., Jeannette Gringo, Esq., Audrey Britt, Esq., and Cindy Rodda.


Mary Jane -- Chocolate Bunny

Rochelle -- Candy Easter Egg

Craig -- Dyed Eggs

Daniel -- Grass

Cindy -- Jelly Beans

Clarence -- Basket

Jeannett, Audrey, Cindy -- assorted goodies

I forwarded the above document to the U.S. Secret Service in January 1998.


Gary Freedman said...

In 1987 Easter fell on April 19.

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