Wednesday, June 08, 2011

John Working on His Vehicle

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Gary Freedman said...

The late comedian Steve Allen once said, "Perhaps the greatest pianist who ever lived was a cave man living in a cave in Europe 20,000 years ago. But we'll never know, because there were no pianos."

David Bloom was one of the great reporters who, speaking metaphorically, invented his own piano -- he created a vehicle (and a "vehicle") to actualize his special talents.

David Bloom will be remembered for his creation of the "Bloom Mobile," an Army tank recovery vehicle retrofitted by Miramar, Florida-based company Maritime Telecommunications Network, with live television and satellite transmission equipment so he could continuously broadcast reports as troops made their way toward Baghdad.

Bloom was traveling with the U.S. Third Infantry Division in Iraq when he suddenly died due to deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism. The David Bloom Award was established by the Radio & Television Association in 2006 to honor excellence in enterprise reporting. ABC World News Tonight co-anchor Bob Woodruff received the award in its first year.