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GW Psychiatric Treatment: 8/21/95

TO:        Dr. Georgopoulos
FROM:  Gary Freedman
DATE:   August 21, 1995
RE:        Fictional Psychiatric Assessment

I have created a fictional narrative, such as might be offered by a patient at a psychiatric assessment. The narrative is based exclusively on my experiences, and is supported by documentary evidence in addition to normative facts drawn from the literature. Remarkably, despite the purely factual basis of the narrative, it is suggestive of a severely grandiose persecutory personality.

Why I'm not practicing law? I don't know. I think if I were interviewed by an attorney for a position, there's a possibility he wouldn't even know what I was talking about. My ideas are so different, the way I see things, the way I analyze things.  I really believe an attorney interviewing me might not know what I was talking about. See Attachment A.

He'd probably think I was crazy. If I was talking to a hiring partner at one of those big-time law firms, I'd probably make him so uncomfortable, he'd think I was crazy. See Attachment P.

People are always making things up about me. Things like I'm crazy paranoid. People make up stories that I'm paranoid. They will actually fabricate evidence that I'm paranoid. See Attachment B.

Now, my interpersonal problems. There's a lot of jealousy there. I have the feeling that in different environments that I always have to cope with rumors. People spreading rumors about me because they're so jealous. See Attachment C.

The rumors are always sexual. You know, I'm homosexual. I'm gay.  I'm steeped in gayness. Things along that line. Related things. Like I'm in love with this person or that person. Always rumors about my lustful involvement with people. See Attachment D.

I think people idealize me to a certain extent. It's as if they think I'm this mythical person. Larger than life. In a way people look up to me. But at the same time they think I'm unapproachable, because they have this fantastic view of who I am. See Attachment E.

I know a lot about people. It's almost as if I could read minds. I really think I can tell what other people are thinking and feeling when I'm around them. See Attachment F.

I'm very sensitive to hidden cues, I pick up on all kinds of implicit messages. Like I have these antennae, no, no. Radar. Its like I have this radar I can pick up things that nobody else sees. See Attachment G.

I was a victim of this incredible harassment at the last place I worked. It was a large law firm. The harassment. . . My impression of it was based on these subtle cues I pick up. The whole think was very subtle. It would take an expert to figure out what was going on in that place. See Attachment H.

Now, examples? Evidence? I could tell you things. But, again, like I say. You'd think I was crazy if I told you the things. Nobody else would think these are harassing things. But I knew what was going on. Nobody was going to tell me I didn't know. Because I knew. Like I say, I have this radar. It cues me in. Another thing. I can see patterns whereas other people just see random events. See Attachment I.

Like the time my supervisor was talking to another employee and asked if she was wet. You think I didn't know what she meant? These double entendres, you know. Wet. Come on, wet? You think I'm stupid? See Attachment I; See also Attachment J.

Or the time my supervisor offered me a piece of candy, chocolate. Again it was obvious. At least to me, it was obvious. See Attachment I; See also Attachment K.

Of course, I knew what she meant. Or the time I found a baby food jar in the trash can. I was on to the games she played. Can't you see it? I was being harassed. Sexual harassment. See Attachment I; See also Attachment L.

That racist bitch. What she put me through! See Attachment M.

People are scared to death of me. I mean, literally, scarred to death. They think I'm going to get a gun and go on a wild shooting spree. See Attachment N.

They think I'm this crazy person,paranoid, full of rage. See Attachment O.

It's hard for me to deal with people. They're all afraid of me. Did you ever try to dealing with people who were all afraid of you? It's really hard. See Attachment P.

Nobody would have anything to do with me where I was working. They shunned me. They all shunned me. They kept me isolated. I wanted to interact with people. But they kept me isolated. See Attachment Q.

I wanted to move on, you know, advancement, promotion. But they kept me doing this job that was way below my qualifications. I asked for a promotion. Then couple of days later, they fired me. Right after I asked for a the promotion, they fired me. See Attachment R.

If you ask me, the whole thing was unfair. I think they demoted me. They said they were transferring me, back in 1990, March of 1990. They called it a transfer. But if you ask me, it was a demotion. See Attachment S.

And, really, I was close to the perfect employee as it's possible to get. Perfect employee. Near total perfection. See Attachment T.

I was seeing a psychiatrist. Lots of psychiatrists. They were all in communication with my employer. Again. Subtle cues. It's that radar I have. It cues me in. Can you imagine You can't find a single psychiatrist or psychologist who doesn't report everything back to your employer. See Attachment U.

You give me tests, psychological tests, psychiatric tests, whatever. I guarantee, you won't find a thing wrong with me. Not a thing. See Medical Records, George Washington University Medical Center, Results of Psychological Testing performed in May 1994.

I can guarantee you something, though. They'll say I lied. They'll say I lied on the tests. Like, you know, “this guy's gotta be nuts or something.” See Medical Records, George Washington University Medical Center, Results of Psychological Testing performed in May 1994.

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