Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Letter to Sister -- 1992

I sent this letter to my sister in mid-October 1992.

Dear Stell,

I had a dream about Robert Strauss.  I wonder what a shrink would make of this.

Robert Strauss announced that he was quitting his post of Ambassador to return to his law practice.  But he also announced that before he returned to the firm that he would take two weeks off to appear in a play, a comedy.  In the play he would play himself.  The play was about a Jewish attorney who was possessed by a gentile Dybbuk.  The play concerned all the crazy goings on that resulted from this Jewish attorney being possessed by a Gentile Dybbuk, and the attorney's attempts to exorcise the Dybbuk.

(I had this dream the night following the writing of that analysis of the 10/16/92 telephone conversation.  Apparently I had transformed your statement "A part in my hair" to "A part for my Herr.")


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