Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Akin Gump Computer Training


This document certifies that

Gary Freedman

has successfully completed

the Akin Gump WordPerfect and Banyan Network course.

Josie Munoz - Trainer

Susan Haufe - Systems Administrator

Date: June 2, 1989


Gary Freedman said...

I dreamed about Jesse Raben last night, a former coworker and now general counsel at the American Psychological Association.

I was at home. Mr. Raben was going out on a date with an attractive young woman. I said, "Jesse, you have to help me access WordPerfect so I can type up this paper." He said, "No, man. I don't have the time. I'm going out. Figure out how to use the computer yourself." He left with his date (who was the opposite of a dog, so to speak). I thought, "Now I am really screwed. I need to type this paper, and I can't access WordPerfect."

In about June 1989 Mr. Raben had computer training at the organization we worked at -- in an office adjacent to mine. I knew he was on the computer, and in the midst of his training session, I emailed him a humorous note to which he responded.

As with so many of my dreams we see the obsession with the passage of time and time constraints. "At about what time did you walk your dog, Mr. Schwab."
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gary Freedman said...

Re: Banyan Computer Network--

On the Seinfeld TV series the minor character Banya tried to befriend Seinfeld. He tried -- successfully -- to get Jerry to take him out to dinner.

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