Wednesday, February 08, 2012

GW Psychiatric Treatment -- Handwritten Notes 1993

The following is the text of handwritten notes that I jotted down about my psychiatric treatment at The George Washington University Medical Center with Suzanne M. Pitts, M.D.  The notes seem hastily written, and are barely legible.  The content of the notes suggests I wrote them in the spring of 1993.  I met with Dr. Tsao in May 1993, which is noted (below).

1.  First session [late October 1992]: "What is your diagnosis?"

2.  Lithium: "I am feeling threatened by you. I can understand why others would say they are afraid of you."

3.  Early Dec. [1992] -- relate dream [about] Greensboro -- cuts me off; later ask why she cut me off - says "It lacked affect."

4.  Nov. 17.  Interpreted past in terms of present; Cuts me off.  Tells me not to project into past.  Later denies saying that.

5.  Says my case will require a lot of research.

6.  Lithium = manic linkages, mood swings.

7.  Complain about feeling "short circuited" - in a later session, attempts to analyze feeling, as if my feeling was irrational.

8.  Only comment about letters: use of phrase "respectfully submitted" and my use of word "disrespectful."

9.  States possibility that I terminated past therapies because of inability to make transitions - I say "I don't understand what you mean."  She then lashes out at me.

10.  Suggests I call Dr. Tsao for reassignment, as if that's the procedure.  Dr. Tsao didn't understand why I called him.

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Gary Freedman said...

I used to close my letters "Respectfully submitted." I used that phrase because it's what lawyers use at the end of pleadings filed in court.

Dr. Pitts thought there was something deeply meaningful about the phrase!