Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Law Clerk -- Sagot & Jennings -- 1981 to 1982

The following is a list of personnel at the law firm of Sagot & Jennings in Philadelphia as of November 2, 1981.  Home addresses have been omitted as are the names of non-attorneys.  An asterisk indicates that I had some interaction with that attorney.  I was a law clerk at the firm between 1981 and 1982.

*Thomas W. Jennings, Esq.

*Neil Sagot, Esq.

Leonard M. Sagot, Esq.

*Stephen F. Ritner, Esq. (supervising attorney)

*Wm. Michael Mulvey, Esq.

*Jeffrey S. Orchinik, Esq. (On one occasion reviewed a bankruptcy pleading I had written.  "Leonard always says, don't say 'on or about.'  You either know the date or you don't.  If you know the date say 'on'.  If you don't know the date say 'about'.")

*William J. Einhorn, Esq.

*Charles C. Shainberg, Esq.

Michael J. Flanagan, Esq.

Thomas H. Kohn, Esq.

Randall J. Sommovilla, Esq.

Edward Davis, Esq.

Kathleen E. O'Connor, Esq.

*Diane M. Carrero (law clerk)

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