Monday, September 27, 2010

What Do I Think?

What do I think?  You want my opinion?  This is just my inference, because I don't know what this person has in his pocket.  There's no way any reasonable person could arrive at any definitive conclusions.  You don't actually see the object.  But my opinion -- my crazy opinion -- is that it's a penis.  But, hey, that's me.

I admit, it could be anything.  It could be a key chain.  It could be a some kind of cell phone.  It could be some kind of weird plumbing device.  It could be nothing at all -- maybe it's just the way the cloth is folded.

But my crazy idea is that if something unidentified looks like a particular object, and the object is located in the place where you would expect to find that object -- it's probably the object you have in mind.

Likewise, you have an employer that offers nonsensical reasons for a job termination, you have a medical center that makes nonsensical diagnoses, you have a librarian that calls the police for no reason -- it looks like they're all in cahoots; it looks like racketeering.  Of course, yes, it could be anything.  But, I'm just telling you what it looks like to me.  Then again, maybe it's -- as they say -- the way the cloth is folded.  

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