Saturday, September 18, 2010

La vérité est en marche!

As for myself, I have not despaired in the least, of the triumph of right. I repeat with the most vehement conviction: The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it. . . . when truth is buried underground, it grows and it builds up so much force that the day it explodes it blasts everything with it.

--Emile Zola

Ever since his schooldays he had dreamed of composing a book about life which would contain, like buried explosives, the most striking things he had so far seen and thought about.

--Boris Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago.


Gary Freedman said...

As Temple law professor Jerry Sloane would say: "It's all the same case."

Gary Freedman said...

Emile Zola was tried on charges of criminal libel for statements contained in the letter to the editor published in the French newspaper L'Aurore as J'accuse (I accuse).

I once saw a photo of the well-known First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams in his office. He has a copy of the newspaper framed in his office.

Gary Freedman said...

Oppenheimer said to President Truman at one point, “Mr. President, I feel I have blood on my hands.” The president, furious at Oppenheimer, informed David Lilienthal, “I told him the blood was on my hands—to let me worry about that.” Apparently relishing this story, Truman later offered alternative versions. He told Dean Acheson, “I don’t want to see that son of a bitch in this office ever again,” and another time called him a “cry-baby scientist.”